Request for Proposal (RfP) For Selection of Bus Operator for Procurement, Supply, Operation and Maintenance of 3,825 Electric Buses and Development of Allied Electric and Civil Infrastructure on Gross Cost Contracting (GCC) under PM-eBus Sewa

What We Do

Convergence focuses on energy solutions that lie at the confluence of renewable energy, electric mobility and climate change. It builds upon the decentralized solar development experience in under-served rural communities in India, and over time, using battery energy storage, will deliver renewable energy solutions to power agricultural pumps, street lighting, domestic lighting and cooking appliances in villages. CESL will also work to enable battery powered electric mobility and its infrastructure and design business models to increase the uptake of electric vehicles in India.

Our Projects

Distributed Power

Electric Mobility

Rural Appliances


Convergence aggregates demand for proven user-centered models of energy delivery at scale by tapping into implementation support offered by national and state schemes and agencies and utilizes a blend of concessional and commercial capital, carbon finance and development grants as appropriate to build unique competitive models at scale.

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Convergence aims to develop solutions to address those most at-risk of climate change and create systems to enable reduction of carbon footprint at scale. All of CESL’s programs target Sustainable Development Goal 7 on Affordable and Clean Energy and SDG 13 on Climate Change, in addition to expanding benefits of health, gender parity, livelihood, and education through access to clean energy at the last mile.In the 75th year of India’s independence and on the eve of the 50th World Environment Day, we hope to help eradicate energy poverty.

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